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Posted by Preston on November 15, 2016


If you own a home it's a great idea to stay informed about mortgage refinance rates. It's hard to predict which way the interest rate market will move, so getting a regular upate on home refinancing rates will allow you to take advantage of money saving opportunities as they come up.

Mortgage Refinance Rates the Week of November 14, 2016

  • 30-Year Fixed Refinance Rate:  3.625%  APR:  3.708%
  • 20-Year Fixed Refinance Rate:  3.375%  APR:  3.509%
  • 15-Year Fixed Refinance Rate:  2.875%  APR:  3.013%
  • 10-Year Fixed Refinance Rate:  2.875%  APR:  3.055%

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Rate Quote Assumptions: These rates are based on the following assumptions and are not guaranteed: $300,000 mortgage value, $400,000 home value, includes discount points and a credit score of 740+. To see what rates you qualify for click here. Rates fluctuate daily and may have changed by the time you read this update. 

Tips to Get the Best Mortgage Rates

If you're considering refinancing your mortgage there are some simple steps you can take to get the best deal possible. Getting the best mortgage rate for your refinance comes down to being organized, knowing how to compare mortgage rates, avoiding unnecessary fees, and being ready to lock.

Should I lock my mortgage rate?

If you've ran all the numbers and there is a financial benefit to refinancing then you can lock with confidence. Rates are currently at historic lows and nobody knows how long they will stay this low. If you try to time mortgage rates you may end up holding the short end of the stick. Mortgage rates fluctuate daily and could turn against you. When you lock your mortgage rate you protect yourself from potential rate increases which could cause you to miss out on a lot of savings.

The best course of action is to be financially organized, calculate the financial benefit, and take action while mortgage rates are in your favor.

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