Lenda Expands Online Mortgage Refinancing Service to State of Washington

Posted by Chris on January 15, 2015

We're happy to announce that we're now available in the state of Washington. Up until now we were only servicing the state of California. 

The time leading up to now has been spent refining our product and making the mortgage refinancing process easier for our clients. Lenda has come a long way since it's infancy, and truly, we still have a long way to go to achieve our ambitious goals of changing the mortgage industry. But as of now, homeowners in the state of Washington can enjoy the benefits of using Lenda for their next mortgage refinance.

And with mortgage rates at historic lows the timing couldn't get any better for homeowners in Washington! Here's what Lenda can do for you...


An Accurate and Transparent Loan Quote from the Start

No teaser rates and no hidden fees. Answer a few quick questions about your current mortgage and we'll give you an accurate, customized quote.

No lender fees. No sales commissions. Lower rates.

Lenda is tech driven. This means we don't have to man a huge call center or have brick and mortar locations filled with loan officers. Our application can take care of the heavy lifting of refinancing your home loan. Thanks to the technology we've built our overhead can be kept extremely low and we can pass that savings through to the homeowner in the form of lower rates, no commissions and no fees.

Complete Your Application Online in Minutes

Seriously, why would anyone want to go into a bank to fill out forms that could easily be filled out online? We've streamlined the application so you can get through it quickly and get back to what really matters, spending time doing the things you love with the people you love.

Electronically Sign Your Loan Disclosure Documents

All your disclosure documents are automatically generated for you online. You are able to review everything and electronically sign them on the spot. No faxing paper back and forth with the loan officer at the bank.

Securely Upload Your Documents and Get a Real-Time Credit Check

There's no getting around the fact that getting a home loan of any kind requires documentation and a credit check. However, it can be easier than printing a bunch of statements out and toting them to the bank. Or even worse, faxing your paperwork to the bank!

Do you really want all your personal information sitting on some loan officer's desk for the whole world to see? We didn't think so. Instead, securely upload all your documents in your personal document portal. This will give the underwriter everything they need to make a quick decision on your loan. On average we're able to get our clients a loan decision in 24 hours.

Epic Client Service is the Standard

Our motto is "From quote to close, we'll be with you every step of the way." Just because we built technology that does a majority of the heavy lifting in getting a mortgage doesn't mean we skimp on client service (we leave that to the big banks). We focus on providing Epic Client Service. We'll bend over backwards to help our clients get the loan they need as quickly as possible.

You can reach us by live chat on the website, sending us an email or giving us a call. Either way you'll be communicating with a real person who's soul mission is to help you get the loan you need. We'll do everything we can to help you and we'll be honest about what we can and can't do from the start. No nasty surprises later in the process.

We are extremely excited to be helping clients in Washington and we invite you to reach out to us any time if you have questions. If you're curious about what we offer then we encourage you to get your custom rate quote today. Just remember, at Lenda, a great rate is just the beginning.

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