58 Kick Ass Apps That Will Whip Your Personal Finances Into Shape

Posted by Chris on March 07, 2016


Smartphones and apps pretty much rule our lives. From tracking our health to making a grocery list, conference calling to taxi rides, and meditation they serve as both a hub, and an extension of ourselves. It only makes sense that a whole industry has sprung up to help manage your personal finances through your smartphone.

When implemented as part of your daily routine, personal finance apps can save you valuable time, and money while helping to achieve your financial goals like streamlining your savings, improving your credit,  and maximizing your income.

Don’t waste any more time searching the app store aimlessly for your personal finance’s magic bullet. We’ve curated some of the best personal finance apps you’ll find anywhere in our list below. You can thank us later!

Table of Contents by App Category


Apps for Budgeting

BUDGT. This app offers a clean interface and tools to build and track your budget and spending habits.

Spendee. Another easy to use budgeting tool, Spendee allows you quickly and easily keep track of your expenses to see where your money is going. Bonus: the interface is colorful and engaging, making it fun to use.

Expense Manager. This is another user-friendly budgeting app, perfect for setting and sticking to your personal budget goals. This app allows you to quickly and easily enter in your expenses, meaning that you will be more likely to use and stick with your budget.

Mint: Money Manager, Budget and Personal Finance. This handy app allows you to build and track a personal budget, as well as manage your money.

Mint Bills and Money. Use this app to link your accounts and keep track of paying your bills; and we all know the importance of paying bills on time!

Pocket Expense Personal Finance Account Tracking. This app is a full-featured personal finance tool that is literally available in the palm of your hand. This interactive and easy to use app helps you keep track of your personal finance and spending habits on the go.

Checkbook HD Free. Use this app to link your bank accounts and make payments, helping you keep track of all of your money in one place.

HomeBudget with Sync. Manage your personal budget, account information, bills, and more. It’s your entire home budget in one place.

Wally. Scan receipts and import them into a budget format, keep track of your spending and available balances, and more.

DebtTracker Pro. Input your loans, track and manage your payments, and establish a pay off plan.

LearnVest. Create a personal budget, monitor your money, and prioritize your financial goals - all while educating yourself in personal finance.

Spendbook. An elegant and intuitive app to track your expenses and manage your budget, you can categorize, and even sub-categorize, your expenses in order to better keep track of where your money is going.

GoodBudget. This system takes the envelope method of budgeting and puts a modern spin on it. A proven method of budgeting with user-friendly software - what’s not to love?

Mvelopes. This handy app centers on the “envelope theory” of budgeting. Fans of old school budgeting methods will appreciate the simplicity of this app, which allows you to link up to four online accounts.

Level Money. This low frills budgeting app helps you keep track of your budget and determine how much money you have left to spend today, next week, or the rest of the month.

You Need A Budget. An app that is just what it says, this straightforward tool makes budgeting simple and easy. Sync your accounts and budget information across all of your devices, making it easy to keep track of your spending even when you’re on the go.

Toshl. This fun budgeting tool allows you to keep track of a budget in different currencies. Track and lower your spending to keep track of your finances.

OnBudget. OnBudget takes creating and maintaining a budget, and then simplifies it. Bonus: it’s effortless, can be kept up with in real time, and there are no fees!

DollarBird. This budgeting tool is ideal for people who are visual learners, tracking your spending in various categories and displaying it in an easy to interpret visual interface.

Personal Capital. This is another budgeting tool that allows you to easily track your expenses, to see where your money is going to help you decide areas in which you may need to cut back.

AceBudget. With AceBudget, you can set up and track an unlimited number of budgets, making this the perfect app for an entire family to track their income and spending habits.

Blue Tags. This handy app is sure to make your life easier! Designed to organize all of your accounts together, categorize your transactions and expenses, and keep track of your bills. With a simple and intuitive layout, this app is sure to become one of your favorites.


Apps for Receiving and Sending Money

Square Cash. With Square Cash, you can exchange money quickly, easily, and - best of all - for free. Square Cash is just like real cash, but even better. Use it with anyone, even if they don’t have an account!

Apple Pay. This handy app allows you to pay for various goods and services - all without having to even take your wallet out of your purse or pocket!

LevelUp. Enter your credit card information, and this app allows you pay participating merchants via a unique QR code - no special hardware required. Bonus: many participating merchants will give you discounts when you use the app!

PayPal. Easily send money to friends or initiate payments on the go. You can even pay for items without ever needing your wallet at merchants that accept PayPal!

Google Wallet. This app allows you to send and receive money through your Google account. Make payments and save money - the easy way!

Check. Check not only reminds you when you have bills that are due soon, it also allows you to link your banking account and make payments directly from your phone.

One Receipt. One Receipt lets you keep the purchase and lose your receipt. This handy app allows you to keep track of all of your receipts with one paperless system - perfect if you’re constantly losing receipts or accidentally throwing them away!

Venmo. Venmo allows you to securely send money instantly to someone else, using money that you have in your Venmo account or through a bank account or debit card.


Apps for Investing

Future Advisor. This site takes various pieces of information into consideration, including your age, overall investment strategy and risk tolerance, and then analyzes your investment strategies and overall portfolio and tells you when it may be time to start thinking about making a change.

Wealthfront. Wealthfront provides you with a team of advisors and investors to build and manage your global and diversified portfolio. Check out their different investment accounts and find the one that best suits your needs.

iBillionaire. Use the expertise and advice of leading billionaires to turn yourself into a better investor. Investment ideas from Wall Street - to everyone. The interface is easy to use, and the advice is straightforward and easy to apply. This one is a no brainer!

Baton Investing. Baton Investing helps casual investors finance even their biggest dreams honestly, easily, and affordably. Baton helps you make more money, with a historical average rate of return greater than that of the stock market.

Betterment. Betterment is the largest automated investing service, and boasts the tagline “investing made better.” For just a fraction of the cost of traditional investing, this service helps investors grow their wealth.


Apps for Loans and Financing

True Car. Find out the true worth of your trade in, and see what other people in your area have actually paid for the very car you are searching for. This one is truly a must have for anyone considering the purchase of a new vehicle!

My Loan Calculator. Easily calculate fixed rate, simple interest loan payments.

BankRate Auto App. A comprehensive app to use when purchasing a vehicle, it takes you through every step of the process, from pricing a vehicle to getting insurance quotes.

Credit Karma. Credit Karma offers users free credit scores, which can be used to help you manage your money more responsibly. Monitor your credit score closely since your credit rating affects many things, particularly interest rates on loans.

Lenda. We have to mention our own mortgage platform because it's the best way to refinance your mortgage online, from start to finish. When you get a quote you'll see rates you can actually qualify for. You can then complete your refinance online.


Apps for Saving Money

AllPoint. Locates fee-free ATMs near your current location and provides turn-by-turn directions.

Key Ring Rewards Cards. Consolidate all of your store loyalty rewards cards and keep track of sales and specials.

BillGuard. Connects to your online credit card statements and flags merchants that typically charge for unwanted or unknown services. Credit card and expense tracker and a fraud protection app all rolled into one! This intuitive app uses a highly developed algorithm to discern and alert you of fraudulent charges.

Acorns. This free app makes saving money as easy as it can get! This app rounds up your purchases to the next dollar, and invests the change into a diversified portfolio. It may not sound like a lot, but the savings can add up quickly!

Ebates. Let’s be real, you’re going to shop online. So you might as well get cash back for your purchases, right? Sign up for this free service, and you will receive a certain percentage back for all of your purchases through participating merchant partners.

Cartwheel by Target. Who doesn’t love shopping at Target? And who doesn’t love saving money? This addictive app adds an extra level of savings on to your shopping trip. Discounts range from 5% to 50% and the features items change regularly - so be sure to check back often!

Gas Buddy. This app is perfect for long road trips or just driving around town. The app uses GPS location technology to check the current gas prices at nearby gas stations, as well as your distance to the stations. Bonus - users regularly chime in and report new prices or inaccurate ones.

Raise. This ingenious app allows you to buy, sell, or trade unwanted gift cards. Browse through various categories, and trade in that gift card you got for your last birthday from Aunt Mary for something that you will actually use!

Slice. This has been called an online shopper’s best friend - and for good reason! Slice allows you to streamline and track all of your purchases, tracking numbers, and more.

Coupon Sherpa. Coupon Sherpa is the home of everything you could look for to save money - coupons, promo codes, discounts, special sales, and more. Don’t make a purchase without checking Coupon Sherpa first!

Favado. With Favado, you can easily keep track of and compare prices of items across various stores - making it simple and easy to save on the products you already know and love!

iBotta. This addictive app allows you to browse through participating stores and select products to purchase. Scan the barcode of the product, and then upload a picture of your receipt - and just like that, you get money back! Once your account reaches a small minimum balance, you can cashout your earnings via PayPal.

SnipSnap. Calling all coupon lovers! SnipSnap is designed to scan, save, and redeem printed coupons -- right from your mobile phone! Never be without your coupons again.


Miscellaneous Apps for Tracking and Saving Money

Doxo. Doxo takes all of your financial accounts and puts them into one place, making it easier to track, manage, and save your money.

Digit. Digit is an innovative and dynamic tool that helps you save money you didn’t even realize that you have! This app that tracks and analyzes your income and spending habits, and then separates a portion of your savings that it estimates you won’t even need into a separate account that it manages for you.

Money by Jumsoft. This app helps you take your first steps toward financial independence and freedom. Save your data, track different accounts, track savings and income information, and so much more.

Unsplurge. This ingenious app takes a twist on conventional saving and helps you achieve your savings goals by visualizing what you are saving for and tracking your progress against your goal.

Even. Does your income fluctuate paycheck to paycheck? If you're paid on commissions, or on a project basis, it can be hard to plan your cash flow. Even allows you to send yourself a steady paycheck instead of trying to plan around the peaks and valleys of unsteady income. This app is great for freelancers, commissioned sales professionals, or service employees who get a big part of their income from tips.

Suffice it to say, it is easy to imagine all of the ways that personal finance apps can make your life easier. These are our favorite personal finance apps… what would YOU add to this list? We would love to hear from you!

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